A Week There, A Week Here


My alarm didn’t go off this morning. Most mornings, I’d be somewhat irritated by that but mostly thankful for the small award of additional sleep, but this morning was my last final exam of the quarter. By blind luck I looked up at the clock half an hour after it should have woken me up, did a comical double-take at it and erupted out of bed and onto my bicycle. I made it in time but pretty much tanked the exam; I spent too much time being completely enthralled by classical Roman sculpture to study the Byzantines. I guess that’s my fatal flaw – I’m quick and enthusiastic to learn and create but if I don’t give a shit I’ll put that energy into something I love instead, and neglect the rest. I actually don’t intend to fix that.

The worst thing happens to me when I take tests. My nose runs constantly and with prodigious flow. I’m not even sick, or allergic to anything present, but I have this thing to deal with on top of the pressure of the test, and everyone hates me for being noisily congested. Probably Jesus punishing me for not knowing enough about paintings of Him.

So now that I’m done with class I’ve got two whole weeks off, and I have to spend the first of them in lovely Utica. I have just no idea at all what to do with my time besides filling up a ream with sketches (doodles) and writings (drivel). Do I really think I’ll be motivated enough to work productively? No, I think the creativity will be sapped out of me entirely within the first two days. I also suspect that I will eat terribly and get fat, and that I will not be able to stand my family and become irritable. Fortunately I will have a week back home to recover before the next quarter starts, and I’ll score a new car and maybe some furniture.


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