This weekend I gave a little bit of thoughtful reorganization to my closet, which completely emptied it. There are just a few shirts hanging and some shelf space. I can’t tell you how seriously huge this closet is; it’s not so much a walk-in as it is live-in. It’s a small room… actually kind of a large room. I can fit a lot in it… in fact, everything that I own. So that’s lead me to see just how space-efficiently I can live, and already I’ve revealed how massively oversized my quarters are:

I don’t think I can throw a softball far enough to get it across the room.

This week’s flowers are… these things. Greenish-yellow. They look like wheat.

Like the sticker says, I completed my democratic imperative on the way to class this morning and am ready for a minor revolution. I’ve been glued to the New York Times website since this afternoon, and am super pumped for this.

Made a real quick dinner tonight, just some steamed mixed brown and basmati rice with mirepoix and some organic sunny-side-ups on top with a smattering of hoisin and sriracha sauce. Sorry I’ve been so sparse with the food updates

You may have noticed today that, no matter where you are within our expansive borders, the weather has been just terrific. Isn’t that just a little suspect? Perfect weather on one of the most important days in recent American history? The conclusion that I’ve drawn, barring Barack having really been born in a manger, is that there is some sort of conspiracy.

It’s no secret that weather has a large impact on voter turnout, generally favoring Democrats as do any gains in turnout do. It’s also not so much a secret that China can control the weather, and with the latest economic shake-ups, they definitely have a stake in our election results. If this is, in fact, the case… well, I hope they do it more often.

I’ve been yelled at by a lot of people, many times, for many different reasons. Most of those incidents have been while I’m riding my bicycle on city streets from irrational road-ragers. In those cases they’ve usually been upset for having to share a lane or slow down a slight bit; no matter how disproportionate they’ve usually responded to something. Tonight was a first for me, as I received an intense and completely unprovoked reaction as I was riding home on a suburban road. I was nearly at the entrance to my apartment complex and some dude rolled by in a luxury sedan at a moderate, constant speed and yelled “FUCKER!” out the window at me with such complete, consuming furious rage that I thought perhaps he had mistaken me for the man that murdered his family and burned his dog down. I don’t know what his deal was but I laughed all the way home.


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