I want to rid myself of most of the things that I own. There are only a few objects that I feel that I can’t live without, and while I really appreciate them, most of the rest are so expendable that I become frustrated by owning them, the wastes of space, resources, time and money that they represent.

I want to live the life of a nomad, being able to pack up and move my entire life with minimal notice. The idea of living out of a yurt or a converted Volkswagen or a bike trailer exhilarates me; in addition, I don’t see why a culturally rich urban life must necessarily be reconciled with the a life of adventure and impermanence. Could every city be a Black Rock City? Could every permanent city contain one? Probably – have you seen how many parking lots take up downtown parcels?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I think that maybe I want to build a society and material culture of aesetic urban nomads. I don’t feel that this is an episode of cognitive dissonance; I could see that the concept of a designer wanting to abolish consumerism may be perceived as such but design is the creation of experience and I don’t believe that empty consumerism is a fulfilling experience. Design is even more important when only a few objects and systems are in your life. Design is even more important for a life of impermanence; disassembly, reuse and recyclability are long-term design goals. I didn’t get into this to make a lot of money, I did it so the objects that I want will be available to me and the rest of humanity. So I don’t care if everyone has a thousand items that I’ve designed, only that they love the few that they do have.


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