Overheard in Rochester


A conversation about bicycles:

Guy 1: “I haven’t settled on whether I want to get 26-inch or 700C wheels yet, though.”

Guy 2: “Well everyone will agree that the bigger your wheels are the smoother your ride will be. You know what those guys riding around on little BMX bikes remind me of?”

Guy 3: “Dorks?”

* * *

So I went down to Corning to see Boston and Styx in concert last night with Brian. I never thought that I would get to see either of them live – hell, I never thought they’d be touring again – but I have, and let me tell you, they’re still awesome.

Styx was very well-dressed and lively. They set up with a keyboard on a lazy Susan and Gowan was just on fire. Come Sail Away was a religious experience for a lot of people, I think.

I started a lighter movement during that song. I got it out and a VERY enthusiastic middle-aged man screamed into the crowd for everyone to follow suit. He was almost in tears. I was, too, because my cheap-ass lighter exploded and burned my thumb. They played Renegade as an encore and a gigantic woman seated in the VIP section erupted out of her chair and and convulsed violently, not unlike she was suffering an upper-body seizure. Even her husband stood up and left to disassociate himself.

Boston is what I came for, though, and they didn’t disappoint at all. They set up with a wall of blinking lights and a gong. They never did use the gong but damned if I don’t respect that. They opened with a song from Corporate America, surprisingly, and played nearly all of their debut album. They still rock, and I can’t believe that they will ever stop. There’s not a lot to say but that they were amazing.


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