Tuesday is Panini Day


Last night at around 9PM I took an intense night ride down East avenue, and ended up at Wegmans. After recovering and catching my breath, I went in and put together a killer checkout combination:

  • Fresh Italian Pane loaf
  • Lite Mayonnaise
  • Hair Dye
  • Pack of Gum
I can only imagine the mental picture the cashier had of the sandwiches I was going to make. To put that pane loaf to good use, today has been declared Panini Day – though we know every day is panini day.
Here’s what’s up: Italian pane, a Roma tomato, fresh basil leaves, mozzarella cheese and honey mustard.
Produce some sliced bread.
And the best thing since! Slice these as thin as you can get them, so they won’t hemorrhage in the sandwich and soggify the bread.
Give the basil a quick chiffonade and bruise it up.
“Easy Open” my ass.
Put a good layer of honey mustard on both slices!
Oh, the cheese.
Pile high for democracy!
Bruised basil leaves, or poisonous tree frogs? You decide!
Put a frying pan on medium-low heat. Cover one surface of the sandwich very liberally with olive oil, and put it oily-side-down into the pan.
Invent a panini press and keep an eye on it for three to five minutes. A foil-covered brick works best but all my bricks are in self-storage at the moment. Seriously.
Flip and drool. Press for another three minutes.
Looking good!
Oh baby, oh baby.

3 Responses to “Tuesday is Panini Day”

  1. 1 Beth

    What color hairdye? Also, lovely panini.

  2. 2 stevecaruso

    Thanks! Panini is a sacred art form, one which I intend to master someday…

    I dyed my hair black. Step two is to get bright red dye and add some highlights! Then I’ll be ready to get my driver’s license photo taken…

  3. Gotta love the self made panini press!

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