Weekend Stir-Fry


Yesterday evening I set out to make good and prodigious use of my stockpile of vegetables before they started going bad on me. Delicious, theatrical stir-fries have been a tradition of mine and I haven’t made one in a while, since I’ve been cooking for myself almost exclusively as of late. So here’s the mis en place:

That’s a bowl of mushrooms, a scallion, a lime, vidalia onion, three cloves of garlic, oyster sauce, sriracha chile sauce and – not shown – bell peppers, fresh basil, dried basil, soy sauce and mirin.

Shrimp which I clearly caught and prepared myself, and my first order of business is to soften them up a little:

I like to run frozen seafood under a trickle of cold water; it’s no slower than microwaving, there is no danger of cooking them, there is no odor released, and it’s sanitary best that I can tell.

The peppers are first onto the chopping block. These are locally-grown heirloom bell peppers from the Public Market; not quite red, not quite green, some are brown, but they’re all tasty.

I’ve shown you how this goes. There they are.

A handful of Crimini mushrooms, sliced into cross-sections.

Joining the party. A lot of my friends don’t like mushrooms. I secretly hate them all.

Half of that big-ass onion, roughly chopped. Some of my friends don’t like onions, too. I’m going to burn their houses down.

And they, too, join the party. Brace yourself for this next one.

Streaky Gold.

Zested lime with an accidental frown.

Bacon chopped up into bits,

ready to meet its maker, on medium heat.

Love me.

Render all the fat out of the bacon and rescue it to the safety of a prep bowl. Put the spurs to the burner and let it get super hot, then deliver the veggies. Stir them while they fry up in the bacon grease. This is a stir-fry.

Get your flavorful herbs and cloves ready, and find them beautiful. Put a couple shots of soy and mirin into the wok to season.

Throw the lovelies in and stir it up.

Send in the shrimp and cooked bacon, keep up the good work until the shrimp turns pink. Put in a couple tablespoons of oyster sauce and a hearty shot of chile sauce, and mix it up good.

Love me.

Serve it on a bed of rice. I was out of the organic basmati, so I went with medium-grain… something. It’s white.

Dinner time.


One Response to “Weekend Stir-Fry”

  1. I covet this stir fry.

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