Locked Out


I had been planning on going to the bike shop’s customer appreciation day, sit in on some seminars and maybe pick up sorely-needed panniers or cargo baskets at discount. So, after coming home from the public market and taking a while to decompress, I changed and went out to the sidewalk only to realize that I had left my wallet, keys and everything else in my other pants.

My apartment building has an airlock with card-swipe at both doors, and the apartment entries all lock behind you when you leave.

I panicked for a second and went into the vestibule, and thankfully someone was coming through and I was able to sneak in like a diamond thief. Of course, being a Saturday, the office was closed and my only hope was the pager number listed in word-art posted in the window of the office. So, I called that a few times and tried to figure out how to leave a message, then waited over an hour.

By chance I went back to the office and read the paper again to find that I had put the number into my phone with two digits transposed. The wrong number was still a pager to something, though, and I had been calling it repeatedly. I called the right number and Rick came by to unlock my door for me. I guess sitting in the hallway talking on my cell phone was too much excitement for me to handle, because by the time I was in and the bike shop was closed, I made dinner and hit the sack for half an hour. Finding my station to be tragic for a Saturday, I took a ride around the neighborhood and stopped at Java’s for a cappuccino and read for a couple of hours. Now I have the energy I wanted six hours ago.


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