Pesto Pizza


This wonderful idea has been rattling around my head all week courtesy The Pioneer Woman, Ree. Now, I’m all for science, but with the experiment already done for me I just skipped ahead to the pesto. I make my pizzas a little differently from her, let me tell you about it.

Don’t hate me; I start with packaged Wegmans pizza dough. It’s great dough, and I don’t have patience to make my own. When pizza is a phone call away, it’s hard enough for me to go through all the motions of rolling my own when I get a sudden craving. Hard, but so very worth the trouble. So I start with dough. From there, I stretch it over itself to make a tight membraneous skin on the dough ball and roll it tight on the countertop. Lubricating with AP flour, I form it into a disc and stretch it out by hand until the middle is super thin and a little translucent. It did rip once when I was stretching it. I’m sure that’s wrong, but I like my pizza thin

Sorry I forgot to take procedural photographs.

While that was all going on I preheated my oven to 425º. I put three big spoonfuls of basil pesto – again, packaged, don’t hate me, I don’t have a mortar or a processor – and spread it evenly around the stretched dough. I ripped up some fresh mozzarella cheese and distributed it on top of the pesto, sliced some nice tomatoes over the top of that, sprinkled on some pecorino romano and threw it in the oven for ten minutes, top rack, and then blasted it with the broiler for another two minutes to get that nice crust action going.

oh baby

Oh baby. So excellent.

That pizza, a painting, and four episodes of Scrubs were my entire Sunday. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t leave my apartment today, not even to get the mail. Dark clouds rolled in when I woke up this morning, and it was pouring rain by the time I got out of the shower. Any motivation I had to go anywhere went right out the window. But, at least there’s pizza!


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