Dismantling a Bell Pepper


I have a confession for you all. This morning I had neglected to eat breakfast or anything, and so on my way to Wegmans I just about fell into a hypoglycemic shock and in a haze of confusion and terror I stopped at a fast food establishment and had a greasy, pathetic 300-calorie cheeseburger and french fries with 47%DV of sodium. I felt terrible from it all through the store. When I got home and saw myself in the mirror, I swear I looked like I gained 20 pounds.

As a sort of penance for my betrayal to the culinary world, I endeavor to share photographs from my kitchen with you all. I haven’t made anything worthwhile today, but I wanted to do a test run of food photography setups so here’s an illustrated essay of me, dismantling a green bell pepper.

Get a big-ass knife and lop its head off. I like my Anolon 7-inch Santoku, but what’s important here as that you’re comfortable with what you’ve got. And cut the bottom off as well, so that you have a cylinder of pepper with the core in the middle.

Next, slice down the side of the pepper cylinder, roll it out into a sheet and run your blade parallel to the flesh, pressing the blade down, but not cutting the edge into the meaty pepper insides. The goal with this is to remove all the white ribs connecting the seed pod to the walls of the fruit, which are not good eats, and leave the dark green delicious parts intact.

Now cut that shit in half, and wish your fingers weren’t so fat.

Layer the halves, stand them up and slice down into them. In this orientation, there is less surface area in contact with the blade, less resistance, so you use less force. Any time that you use less force with a knife, the safer you are.

Keep up the good work, boys.

My, look what you’ve done! Perfect julienned bell pepper. You can make anything out of that.

Container it up if you’re not using it right away, and wish you had set up studio lights!



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