Milky Way


I spent this weekend in Red Creek, a microscopic hick town on the border of central New York. I went with my good friends, some of which I’ve known since we were saplings and others that I’ve met in the past months. What I find incredible about these people is that they seem to be genuinely good people, which is miserably hard to come by these days – but that’s a topic for another day.

After a great night of movies, food, drinking, smoking, guitars, fireplace and all, I found myself having a very enlightening and refreshing conversation with my friend. Maybe it was the social lubrication but the words just came so naturally and sincerely. My friends are all very devout Christians, and I myself have no religion, but I found that underneath all dogma, philosophy and fluff beliefs, we really believe the same things, and understand what it means to be good people and live well. That was very powerful. It is why, put into words and feelings, I can’t go and say that I belong to a religion; but also why I respect everyone in one and everyone who tries to do good in the name of God or otherwise. God, were I to indulge the term, means to me the connections, thoughts and feelings that binds all human beings across all cultures, languages, beliefs. To be like God and serve Him is to do right by your fellow man, try to make the world better and make a difference in peoples’ lives. That, I think, is the highest aspiration that one can hope for. I see no reason to argue over such petty things as the origin of the universe and whether or not homosexuals can marry – my personal beliefs aside, these are things you have to decide for yourself. That’s not what spirituality is about. It’s about being a good person and taking advantage of your surprise existence on planet Earth.

So, go and look up at the night sky. Get away from light pollution and look up there, and see all that stuff, the enormity of the universe and how incredible it is. I think it’s interesting and sad that in twenty years I’ve seen it twice – I just never have taken the time until recently. Such an awesome experience right over my head and I ignore it. It really gives you a powerful sense of perspective, but it’s up to you to choose whether you want it to make you feel miniscule and powerless or if you want to take that experience and appreciate the opportunity to have it.  


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