Best Dream Ever


I had the coolest dream last night, and I actually remember almost all of it. I figured out how to teleport.I forgot exactly how it was explained but I think it was some future nanotechnology that I somehow was given or found. Once I figured out that I had it, activating it was as easy as imagining myself or an object in a particular location. It had to be a place that I had been or seen in photographs and could imagine being in, and point to on a map. I teleported objects around the apartment, myself and roommates to and from school and the store. I took all of the lightbulbs in the apartment and put them in a box in my closet, and turned lamps on and off by teleporting the bulbs into and out of them. I answered cell calls with “where are you?” and went and had face-to-face conversations instead. Further mastering control over the ability, I had more fun. When driving (for some reason), some jerk cut us off and I teleported their car several feet in the air in an adjacent parking lot. Showed them! 


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