Great Ideas


Okay so I have some really great ideas that I want you to listen to.

The first one is sausages, but really small. Nanosausages. They’re small, like pills, and you take them with a tall glass of water or gravy. So it’s like taking pills, but they are delicious sausages.

The next is the MacBook shuffle. Open it up, and something happens. Looks like you get to edit photos today.

The last is a crazy new social networking platform. Here’s how it works: you go and make some friends and then you talk to them with some regularity. Support for phone calls and several different types of handshakes is forthcoming.


My alarm didn’t go off this morning. Most mornings, I’d be somewhat irritated by that but mostly thankful for the small award of additional sleep, but this morning was my last final exam of the quarter. By blind luck I looked up at the clock half an hour after it should have woken me up, did a comical double-take at it and erupted out of bed and onto my bicycle. I made it in time but pretty much tanked the exam; I spent too much time being completely enthralled by classical Roman sculpture to study the Byzantines. I guess that’s my fatal flaw – I’m quick and enthusiastic to learn and create but if I don’t give a shit I’ll put that energy into something I love instead, and neglect the rest. I actually don’t intend to fix that.

The worst thing happens to me when I take tests. My nose runs constantly and with prodigious flow. I’m not even sick, or allergic to anything present, but I have this thing to deal with on top of the pressure of the test, and everyone hates me for being noisily congested. Probably Jesus punishing me for not knowing enough about paintings of Him.

So now that I’m done with class I’ve got two whole weeks off, and I have to spend the first of them in lovely Utica. I have just no idea at all what to do with my time besides filling up a ream with sketches (doodles) and writings (drivel). Do I really think I’ll be motivated enough to work productively? No, I think the creativity will be sapped out of me entirely within the first two days. I also suspect that I will eat terribly and get fat, and that I will not be able to stand my family and become irritable. Fortunately I will have a week back home to recover before the next quarter starts, and I’ll score a new car and maybe some furniture.



This weekend I gave a little bit of thoughtful reorganization to my closet, which completely emptied it. There are just a few shirts hanging and some shelf space. I can’t tell you how seriously huge this closet is; it’s not so much a walk-in as it is live-in. It’s a small room… actually kind of a large room. I can fit a lot in it… in fact, everything that I own. So that’s lead me to see just how space-efficiently I can live, and already I’ve revealed how massively oversized my quarters are:

I don’t think I can throw a softball far enough to get it across the room.

This week’s flowers are… these things. Greenish-yellow. They look like wheat.

Like the sticker says, I completed my democratic imperative on the way to class this morning and am ready for a minor revolution. I’ve been glued to the New York Times website since this afternoon, and am super pumped for this.

Made a real quick dinner tonight, just some steamed mixed brown and basmati rice with mirepoix and some organic sunny-side-ups on top with a smattering of hoisin and sriracha sauce. Sorry I’ve been so sparse with the food updates

You may have noticed today that, no matter where you are within our expansive borders, the weather has been just terrific. Isn’t that just a little suspect? Perfect weather on one of the most important days in recent American history? The conclusion that I’ve drawn, barring Barack having really been born in a manger, is that there is some sort of conspiracy.

It’s no secret that weather has a large impact on voter turnout, generally favoring Democrats as do any gains in turnout do. It’s also not so much a secret that China can control the weather, and with the latest economic shake-ups, they definitely have a stake in our election results. If this is, in fact, the case… well, I hope they do it more often.

I’ve been yelled at by a lot of people, many times, for many different reasons. Most of those incidents have been while I’m riding my bicycle on city streets from irrational road-ragers. In those cases they’ve usually been upset for having to share a lane or slow down a slight bit; no matter how disproportionate they’ve usually responded to something. Tonight was a first for me, as I received an intense and completely unprovoked reaction as I was riding home on a suburban road. I was nearly at the entrance to my apartment complex and some dude rolled by in a luxury sedan at a moderate, constant speed and yelled “FUCKER!” out the window at me with such complete, consuming furious rage that I thought perhaps he had mistaken me for the man that murdered his family and burned his dog down. I don’t know what his deal was but I laughed all the way home.



You know what tomorrow is. This is important, get excited. Democracy hasn’t always been this easy, you know.


Delacroix - Liberty Leading the People

Delacroix - Liberty Leading the People



Consider this my endorsement for Senator Barack Obama.



Oh my god, it’s already the eighth week of the quarter; near the end of it, actually. There are only two more weeks of class and then a meager assortment of final exams.

I have barely more than nothing to show for it.

That may be unfair because in the next two weeks I have a small number of very large and impressive projects to complete. I desperately want to start putting together a portfolio to try to at least convince myself that I’m a hirable proto-professional, or maybe to convince myself that I haven’t been sitting on my hands for the past three months. Maybe I have.

Today I’ve set some goals: to get some real food from the farmer’s market, go through some miserable paperwork, and bake delicious cookies for the bake sale. Tomorrow will be dominated by the sale and class, which is a lot of fun, but will leave me with no free time at all. At least there’s a gallery opening!

I feel that I thrive with a full, busy schedule. Lately I’ve thought about my freshman year of college, when I lived in the residence hall, ate at the dining hall, was a ten-minute walk from class, had a full closet of warm clothes that fit perfectly, sixty instant friends, easy classes that I had no emotional investment in, no money and no need for money. My life was so ridiculously comfortable and easy, and since that time I have done nothing but complicate it. I would hate myself if I didn’t. You could say that I gain nourishment from shit storms. I wish my life was harder, that my work was challenging, that I had more complicated relationships, that I had more school work to show off. It was kind of nice getting fat and complacent, though.



Sometimes I forget how efficient the state government is. I’ve only been waiting for two weeks to get a copy of my birth certificate mailed in from a county a little over a hundred miles from here and I feel like that’s not reasonable. I really need this thing to come in a timely fashion, because I need my damn driver’s license. I don’t know why the hell they need to see that again, they’ve already issued me so many little cards. I am, however, successfully registered to vote in Monroe county.

Tonight I rode home from campus in thirty-eight degree cold, and it’s made me aware how quickly fall has settled in and will soon fade away and leave me with the blistering cold of winter. Winter is the season for baking bread and manufacturing soups and makes me realize that I need to start eating a lot better. My diet is nutritionally sound but emotionally unsatisfying – and Lean Cuisine is pretty much a bad policy.

To help set the mood, here are this week’s consumables: fresh-cut purple limoneums, and Nat Sherman naturals with mint. Still working on last week’s roll of Delta…

I have to expect that humanity, deep down, is basically good. Think about this: we’ve attempted genocide so many times but have never succeeded in killing off a people, but yet, we wipe out whole species of other animals at a regular clip. What I’m trying to say is that we’re far more effective with incompetence than we are out of malice. Don’t hate us, we mean well.